About Me
Hi, I’m Rob Sabino. 
I’m a Design Manager with over twelve years of design and business experience, and I’ve loved art and design for as long as I can remember. My education achievements include a BFA in Graphic Design from Cal Poly Pomona, an MA in Design Management from Savannah College of Art and Design, and certification for Servant Leadership in management and team building.

My design background focuses on the professional practice of the amalgam of design, marketing, and business to create innovative solutions for users and organizations. I believe that good design can solve almost any problem. The Design Management Institute beautifully states that design management is “the art and science of empowering design to enhance collaboration and synergy between design and business to improve design effectiveness.” 

During my role at Aspen Medical Products, I am responsible for managing and designing Aspen’s visual language and brand identity system. This role is responsible for a team of designers and works with various collaborators in marketing, sales, and R&D. My team was responsible for delivering more effective and impactful designs, and as a result, Aspen has grown exponentially and won various awards.

I have also founded a creative design agency, Rob Sabino Creative, that specializes in design management strategies, art, and copy, and branding. In this capacity, I provide various clients with solutions for their business pain points and deliver creative content for multiple channels like social, web, and print. Before this business, I started an iPad Case brand with an industrial design partner. Our experience included creating a product, business entity, branding, marketing, and digital ad buying via various platforms. These businesses have helped me stay on top of the latest marketing and business strategies while allowing me to wear multiple hats and solve creative entrepreneurial problems.

Working on creative problems is my passion. Drop me line and let's solve problems together. 
Thank you for your message. I will be sure to reach back as soon as possible. Have a great day!